Edit Forretress is also in the top ten for win percentages but

Eirika has pretty low attack, so this helps her dish out a little more damage. The hone attack buff paired with her C Slot allows her to buff adjacent units, while also boosting her own offensive stats, which is pretty useful because she normally buffing mages (who are generally squishy). The added offensive power lets her dispatch any threats to the glass cannons.Assist: Reposition/Rally Defence Reposition is an overall good assist, allowing for good movement options and the ability to pull allies out of danger.

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Hermes Handbags Replica You also have blastoise and meganium in S tier but they are monotype Pokmon lolCounter is the best fast move for it in the vast majority of matchups, psycho cut is only better if counter is resisted and psycho cut birkin bag replica is super effective. If you replica bags look at your list that situation doesn’t occur that often, counter is objectively the better fast move.Edit Forretress is also in the top ten for win percentages but you don’t have it mentioned at all which is oddpikaras 1 point submitted 7 days agoSure but when your strategy is to switch in another meta pokemon, especially when that meta pokemon has a 4x weakness, hermes birkin 35 replica you losing. You can dedicate 1/3 of your team to using a predictable and counterable pokemon to protect another predictable pokemon.are certainly ways to deal with pokemon like meganium, but anyone predicting azumaril and coming with a hard counter is going to be predicting the altaria switch and they will have a hard counter for it too. Hermes Handbags Replica

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