I want to live in a cosmopolitan international city to pursue

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I get depressed sometimes, thinking about how expensive life is. I want to live in a cosmopolitan international city to pursue grad school. But I stress about the money all the time. [CBS]Big events: Salvation (July 9, Global/ CBS); Friends from College (July 13, Netflix); Claws (July 12, Bravo).Big picture: Salvation is the story of a small group of elite scientist and military types who learn humanity has only 186 days until it will likely be obliterated by a giant asteroid named Samson. (Where the hell are Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck when we need them?)Meanwhile, a group of middle agers navigate 20 years of post graduation grievances, sexual tension and unrepentant juvenile instincts. It’s like The Big Chill meets Judd Apatow era comedy, as directed and produced by Nicholas Stoller (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Neighbors).

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