If someone gave me beans that were just Tesco value

The 29 year old was described as the ‘life and soul’ of the club (Picture: Luke Hole/Facebook)Carl, 28, said: ‘He was lying on top of the sheets. I shouted to him: «Come on, wake up». But he didn’t respond. If someone gave me beans that were just Tesco value, I couldn’t eat it.»»I don’t know why I won’t eat anything else, I just never have and can’t stomach the thought of other foods.»When I socialise with my mates and they all order pizza, I don’t take part. They can’t understand it.»Gary’s diet also expand to chips, and he ate only that on a recent trip travelling in Indonesia.»When you go abroad, beans just aren’t on the menu. So when I go travelling I just eat chips.»If I go into a fish and chip shop I always carry about worth of cash on me so they don’t think I’m just a tramp ordering chips on their own..

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